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Data hk is an online resource for those who need to understand Hong Kong’s digital policy, including policies on open data, privacy and cyber security. The website also provides details of the government’s support for data centres and other facilities for businesses looking to expand their operations in Hong Kong.

PDPO defines personal data as any information that relates directly or indirectly to an individual and from which it is practicable for that individual to be identified. The law requires that personal data be processed fairly, transparently and in a manner that respects the rights of individuals. It also prohibits the use of personal data for any purpose other than those specified in the PDPO.

Under the PDPO, individuals can choose not to receive unsolicited marketing calls by registering their telephone numbers on the ‘Do Not Call’ register, and businesses are required to obtain written consent from customers before using any customer personal data for direct marketing purposes. The PDPO was originally implemented in 1996, and has been amended in 2012 and 2021.

One of the key issues is ensuring that personal data is not disclosed to unauthorised parties, which is known as ‘doxxing’. Earlier this year, the government released a discussion paper exploring possible changes to the PDPO to better protect individuals’ personal data. One change mooted is to broaden the current definition of personal data so that it would apply to any information relating to an identifiable person, rather than just information identifying that person.

Multibyte Info Group was established in 2000 and holds a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license to operate on the Three HK and China Mobile HK networks. They offer a range of 4G packages, including an unlimited data plan for HK and mainland China at HK$ 28 per day, after which usage is throttled to 128 kbps. The package can be activated by dialing *101*420#, and top-ups can be made online HK$ 50-300 or with vouchers sold in csl. shops, 7-Eleven, 1O1O, Van Go and Circle K kiosks.

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