Hong Kong Pools

Say “Hong Kong” and a lot of things pop into your head – shopping, dim sum, maybe the city’s famous skyline. What may not be immediately apparent is the fact that the city is also a great place to swim. From the world’s highest pool to a natural infinity pool on a mountaintop, Hong Kong is home to many spectacular swimming spots.

In addition to the 22 public pools operated by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, you can enjoy a wide range of other water activities around the city. Most of the city’s pools are open during summer, but you can visit them all year round if you want to beat the heat.

Located on Lung Cheung Road in the heart of Wong Tai Sin, this popular destination public pool is perfect for families. It offers a wide variety of aquatic fun with a number of water slides, water shooters and fountains. There are also two spacious kiddie pools, which means there’s plenty of space for everyone to splash around and have a good time.

It is the largest public pool in Hong Kong, with a main pool, teaching pool and leisure pool, as well as a diving pool and one designed especially for toddlers. It’s also a great place for adults, as they have a sauna and hot tub.

The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and has an outdoor bar where you can get your drinks and snacks while relaxing in the water. This makes it the perfect spot for a family day out or a romantic evening under the stars.

This outdoor public pool is a favourite amongst locals because of its scenic views over Victoria Harbour. It’s an ideal spot for anyone looking to take a dip in the middle of the summer, as it boasts several water slides and fountains. There are also four lanes to swim laps in and a large area for sunbathing.

Opened in 2011, this is one of the most modern and luxurious pools in Hong Kong. It features a 50-metre pool, changing rooms and lobby that are all located underneath the grandstand, as well as a lazy river and a water slide. Unlike most other modern pools, this one is free to enter for residents of the city.

In terms of access, Manhattan has the best pool facilities in the city, with 65% of its residents being able to walk to a pool in 15 minutes or less. Staten Island and Queens have the least accessible public pools, with only 12% of their residents being able to do so in that same amount of time.

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