The Hong Kong Prize – Our Changing World

hk prize – The Hong Kong prize is an international award to honour researchers who make outstanding contributions toward world civilisation and social harmony. It is also aimed at promoting research in the areas of education and education development. It is given away annually and carries a cash award of 30 million Hong Kong dollars. The winner is chosen by an independent review committee whose operation follows scientific and rigorous standards. No individual or organisation may exert undue influence on the evaluation process. The winners are announced at an awards ceremony.

This year’s competition was themed “Our Changing World”, and called on artists to explore the global evolution of our society in various aspects, including sociologically, culturally, technologically, and environmentally. A total of 102 artworks were submitted, from which the jury selected 30 for this year’s shortlist. The winning pieces delve into diverse issues such as international displacement, climate change, and labour migration.

The judges were impressed by the diversity of artistic expression in this year’s shortlist, which featured a wide variety of works from established and emerging local artists. Some delved into topics such as the impact of international displacement on human relationships, while others addressed globalisation and its effect on different communities. The shortlisted works were all unique and insightful, but they all shared a common theme: that art is more than just visual representation, it can be a powerful means of communication.

The competition is open to all enrolled secondary school students in Hong Kong, who must be nominated by their teachers. The nominated students must submit their artworks online by the submission deadline. The panel of judges will select 20 student artworks for the shortlist, and the Judges’ Prize of HK$8,000 will be awarded to the student artist with the most outstanding artwork. The winning student artist will receive a trophy and a certificate. The event was organised by the Newspaper Society of Hong Kong and supported by the Hong Kong Prize Foundation.

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