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sgp pools

Singapore Pools is a state-owned gambling operator with a unique business model. It operates licensed venues, as well as an online platform where people can bet on sports events and other games of chance. It also has a corporate social responsibility arm that gives back to the community by offering free-of-charge IT services to charities. In addition, it provides its own IT infrastructure and expertise to other charities through its iShine Cloud initiative.

When Singapore gained independence in 1965, the government realised that illegal gambling had become widespread in the country. However, a blanket ban – like Prohibition in the United States – would simply drive it underground and put more money into the pockets of triads and illegal bookmakers. Instead, it established Singapore Pools in 1968 to provide gamblers with a safe and trusted environment. Its goal was to ensure that surplus profits went towards helping the community through local charities, rather than lining the pockets of criminal syndicates.

Yeo Teck Guan is the chief technology officer at Singapore Pools, a position that he took up in 2017. He has spearheaded the organisation’s digital transformation strategy, shifting it from legacy processes and a manually driven workforce to an agile business. This was especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, which prompted many of its staff to work from home and increased the need for reliable connectivity.

He and his team launched a new digital channel for customers, a modernised IT infrastructure, and a customer management portal that allows players to easily manage their accounts. This also facilitated the creation of new customer products and features, which have helped boost revenues and market share. It has also introduced a new multi-channel payment system to offer more options to its customers.

The company also utilises Oracle’s Cloud Observability and Management platform, which enables the organisation to monitor all its IT estate on a single dashboard. This reduces troubleshooting time by half and improves application performance, helping to lower the risk of costly outages.

In addition to boosting operational efficiency, sgp pools has also become more accessible to its customers by expanding its retail network. It has over 300 outlets, including those in malls and supermarkets. This has enabled the company to attract more customers from overseas. In the near future, it will also launch mobile applications and online betting platforms.

The new digital platforms will allow players to bet on a wide range of sporting events, including soccer and horse racing, from the comfort of their homes. This will be possible because of the increased availability of internet and smartphone connections. It is expected that the industry’s growth will continue to be supported by this development. In addition, the new platforms will also enable the company to tap into the growing demand for online games and esports in Asia. The growth of these industries will be a key driver for the industry’s long-term sustainability and profitability. As such, it is crucial that the industry continues to adapt and innovate.

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